.Qaswa Chemicals is a reputable water proofing company in lahore pakistan.We do roof heat prooofing,Insulation,Waterproofing,Epoxy Flooring, Thermopore Sheets.

Qaswa Chemical`s is providing services in all over the Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and all other cities of the Pakistan.Our team of professionals with up to 15 years experience in the field of waterproofing and heat proofing.We try our Best to Provide services with Best Quality to Our Best Clients.

We use international Tools & Equipments For our Clietns.If you are trying to install process epoxy flooring on your specific. You have to know the tricks of the trade.It’s imperative to follow the constructor’s instructions if you are dying.

We are going to consider the advantages of epoxy flooring. It is something that can be used on floor.
The Durability
The Strength
The Saves time
Easier to clean
Chemically resistant
Enables the environment
Epoxy flooring Disadvantages
No matter where are you increasing Epoxy Flooring in Lahore , A uncommon drawbacks come with it. It’s main to identify that time limits polymer epoxy product are very important.

Epoxy Flooring

You will see good return on investment the day you sell.
Garages,Basements,Underground room , Patios , Pool Deck , TV Room , Epoxy flooring types
There are three types of epoxy flooring,Solvent Borne epoxy,Waterborne epoxy,Solid epoxy,Solvent Borne epoxy

Waterborne epoxy!

The next type of epoxy flooring is the waterborne epoxy. Waterborne epoxy type of water soluble and uses water as it main carrier, not Solvent

Now a day use standard worldwide that are recommend five grades of bitumen coating Like: S-35, S-45, S-65, S-90 and S-120. The key requirements for bitumen were the specific gravity, saturation, water content, flash point, softening point, ductility, losses of heating test and solubility in trichloroethylene.

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