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Qaswa Chemicals is a reputable water proofing company providing its roof ROOF HEAT PROOFING, ROOF HEAT INSULATION, WATERPROOFING, Epoxy Flooring, Thermopore Sheet, SERVICES IN LAHORE.

This is a very important aspect of the waterproofing company that one needs to know. The kind of work that basement waterproofing companies do may require a local building permit. As such, if you do not want to run into problems with the local authorities, it is important that you are sure of these aspects of the company.Our company should be bonded so that you will not have to incur the costs of any risks that may arise out of our work.Qaswa Chemical’s experienced Project Managers are uniquely qualified to identify potential waterproofing issues on existing buildings or buildings under design. Our staff have confidence to fix this problem.


"Working Areas"

Qaswa Chemical`s Services in all over Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and all other cities of Pakistan.

"Certified Engineers"

Qaswa Chemical’s experienced Project Managers are uniquely qualified to identify potential waterproofing issues.

"Quality Services"

Our team of professionals with up to 15 years experience in the field of waterproofing and heat proofing.We try our Best to Provide services with Best Quality to Our Best Clients.

"Modern Equipment"

Qaswa Chemical use the best equipment for the best services. We use international Tools & Equipments For our Clietns.

"Our Speciality"

Qaswa Chemical’s Specially work on your roof heatproofing, Waterproofing, Roof Leakage Repair and Seepage Problem.We provide the best solution for our customers in the department of roof heat proofing in Lahore.We have been into the market for several years and have done numerous jobs related to heat proofing services in Lahore.

"Working Progress "

Qaswa Chemical`s Services in all over Pakistan.It is the best waterproofing company by giving remarks of different people. We have done much Projects. It's Proudly to say that as Qaswa Chemicals CEO' I feel Proud .

16566+ SeaPage Projects Done By Us
15076+ HeatProofing Projects Done By Us
19111+ WaterProofing Projects Done By Us
Over All Projecets Done By Us 43%
We are giving Service to all over the Pakistan 100%
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